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Injection is a threat actors attempt to send data to an application in a way that will change the meaning of commands being sent to an interpreter. This type of attack exploits a variety of vulnerabilities to input code into a program, query, or load malware onto a system in order to execute remote commands that can read or modify a database, or change data on a web site.

So, what is Inject Security? Fashioned in 2016 as a fragmented thought beyond what we identify today as “Shift Left Security,” or by means of implementing security measures as early and as often as possible during the entire development lifecycle; rather than at the end of the SDLC process. However, the scope of the movement was always to narrow. Why stop at DevSecOps? 

The character of cyber threats have evolved and will continue to be more systemic in nature. Today, that fragmented thought is shared by many security practitioners and cybersecurity executives across the globe, but hearing is not the same as listening. Whether cyber leaders and business leaders understand each other well enough to meet this challenge is, on the other hand, an open question.
While the perception of cybersecurity has begun shifting from a mere information technology function to a strategic position responsible for safeguarding an organization’s operations, promptly addressing threats, and offering valuable insights to expand into new markets the landscape remains challenging to navigate as we grapple with a barrage of information.
We seem to be stuck in the cybersecurity “Dark Ages,” where every aspect of the business is affected, and the importance of managing cyber risks are recognized in C-suites and boardrooms. However, despite the severe consequences, including economic and political ramifications, we struggle to effectively prioritize our strategic objectives against our own sanctum bellum of cyber.

The stakes are high; the reputational and financial consequences from cybersecurity breaches are significant. Offering security products and services just isn’t enough anymore. Businesses are looking for unique value through authority, insights, and perspectives to empower senior leaders in their decision-making process. 

Strategic Cyber Decisions Simplified

With the ever-increasing threats in the current business environment, it is absolutely critical to have strategic cybersecurity expertise readily available. Our Fractional CISO & CISO support services are a great option for organizations that aren’t ready for a full-time CISO.

  • Expertise

    An FCISO brings specialized knowledge and expertise to the organization, providing a strategic approach to cybersecurity that aligns with the organization's business objectives.

  • Cost-Effective

    Compared to hiring a full-time CISO, we provide cost-effective services that can be scaled up or down based on your organization's needs.

  • Flexibility

    Our services offer organizations the flexibility to adjust their information security program to meet their business needs as they grow and evolve. This scalability allows organizations to respond quickly to changing business demands and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Blayne Henke

Blayne Henke


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