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As businesses & technology evolve, so should cybersecurity strategies. Inject Security approaches cybersecurity from a holistic view to de-emphasize the technology and double down on the business impact to make rational, proactive decisions about cyber risk and present actionable options as a business enabler and accelerator.

Security Strategy

We use a top-down approach to establish a set of objectives and a plan of action designed to maximize the security and resiliency of your organisation.

Policy Reviews

A policy audit or review can pinpoint rules that no longer address current processes. An audit can also help identify where better enforcement of cybersecurity policy is needed.

Optimizing Compliance

Do you need help navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements, interpreting their relationships to security, or implementing best practices?

Product Agnostic

We do not sell any third-party products, and security is all we do. Our advice will always be made with improving your business needs and security program in mind.


The average length of time it takes to discover, locate, and contain a cybersecurity breach.

Staggering Cost
$ 0 T+

Global cost of cybercrime was estimated at $8.4 trillion in 2022. The cost of incidents caused by illegal activities on the internet are set to surpass the $11 trillion mark in 2023.

Insider Threat
0 %

Given that it can be very difficult to detect, they are sometimes overlooked or considered as external threats.

Cloud Misconfigurations
0 %

The statistics regarding breaches of cloud services are stunning, with the biggest threat to Cloud Security: Misconfiguration


Reap the benefits of having the expertise of a CISO, without adding a full-time employee on permanent payroll to reach your security goals and business objectives.

Expert Consultancy

Many organizations have come back to us requesting retainer services, so whenever there is a need for security expertise, we’ll provide it.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Receive an executive report designed to evaluate your businesses overall security controls and effectiveness of your security stack.

Standards-based Assessment (NIST)

Gain a high-level analysis of your network’s weaknesses so security teams can begin implementing security controls to mitigate them.

Business Continuity

Cybersecurity is a critical component of an organization’s business continuity plan (BCP), and policies and processes relating to core technologies and the protection of sensitive data must be taken into consideration.

Integrating Cyber Risk

Response plans and business processes developed in advance should clearly define actions, roles, and responsibilities for various types of business disruptions; especially cyber attacks.

Security Program Diagnostics

Gain visibility over potential blind spots as we assess the maturity of your cybersecurity program and its alignment to your business goals and compliance mandates.

Cyber Risk Services

Alleviates resource constraints in your organization by taking proactive steps to mitigate cybersecurity risk which could mean the difference between a data breach or business as usual.

Security Culture

Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility—let us help you champion a secure culture today.

Supercharge Your Workforce

Drive engagement by turning real threats into instant learning and weave behavioral change into the security stack and level up your capabilities.

Want To Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Streamline cybersecurity and demonstrate your organizations security posture as a business differentiator to build trust among stakeholders and accelerate business growth.

Strategic Cyber Decisions Simplified

With the ever-increasing threats in the current business environment, it is absolutely critical to have strategic cybersecurity expertise readily available. Our Fractional CISO & CISO support services are a great option for organizations that aren’t ready for a full-time CISO.

  • Expertise

    An FCISO brings specialized knowledge and expertise to the organization, providing a strategic approach to cybersecurity that aligns with the organization's business objectives.

  • Cost-Effective

    Compared to hiring a full-time CISO, we provide cost-effective services that can be scaled up or down based on your organization's needs.

  • Flexibility

    Our services offer organizations the flexibility to adjust their information security program to meet their business needs as they grow and evolve. This scalability allows organizations to respond quickly to changing business demands and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Blayne Henke

Blayne Henke



We pride ourselves on sticking to the root cause of any given situation or task. Security does not have to be complex.


Is your current security provider not meeting your expectations? We can help offset your needs and raise awareness to what matters the most.


We accomplish this by using time efficiently, keeping low overhead, and focusing on what we are best at.


We start with the development of a client-focused continuous improvement process and end with real security.


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Each business has its own unique challenges when it comes to protecting data. Sometimes it takes outside assistance in order to not only recognize, but address information security issues.

Many organizations understand they need to do something around information security and data protection, but don’t know which risks pose the biggest threat and don’t know where to begin combating them. Whether you need to validate that your team is handling information security fundamentals well or need guidance in leveling up the efforts that reduce risk, an on-demand security expert can help you make positive strides.

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